A new look!

Our deepest thanks to Lytingale (Lois Henrickson) for her dedication to UMMAS over the past ten years as webmaster. Lyte, with her late husband, Rev. Chad O’Shea, is one of the founding members of UMMAS. She brought our organization into the digital age before we knew the tremendous potential the internet would have! We appreciate everything Lyte has done for UMMAS!

UMMAS map from old site
UMMAS now includes Alabama!

As Lyte turns over the title of webmaster, we give the site a new look, but have kept many of the words and pictures Lyte selected to depict this cherished spiritual community we call UMMAS.


On this blog page, we intend to post our UMMAS
Members’ 8602395reflections  of their experience with UMMAS, the value it has brought to the
life. We’ll let you know the plans we have for future
events, …

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Let us know what we can do to make this a go-to site for you!



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