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Sound Connections Music Conference: Posi-Music Festival

emPower Music & Arts partners with UWM to provide New Thought music education and inspiration. As emPower enters its second decade, they offer an extensive list of church music services and resources to help you strengthen your music ministry. The emPower Posi Fest is the biggest event in positive music! (pah-zee as in “positive”) A yearly “go-to” event for Posi Music artists, fans and New Thought church music directors. The five day celebration includes constant opportunities to share, listen and learn. Enjoy transformational workshops, nightly concerts,…read more



In order to have the legal right to use songs in your services, and so the composers receive their royalties, your Unity center must purchase a blanket song license.  This inexpensive license covers printing words to songs, recording this music during your Sunday services, PowerPoint projection, and more.

The fee is based on the size of your average attendance (combined attendance if more than 1 service.)

The federal copyright law requires you to first get permission from the song owner before you can copy any song words or music. Since it’s not practical to do this individually for every song and every composer, you can buy a “blanket license” to allow you to make copies of the songs listed by that licensor.

“Copy” means any duplication of song words or music…such as printing the lyrics in the bulletin or on song sheets, storing lyrics in a computer to project on a screen (PowerPoint), photocopying from a hymnal, or recording music during your service (including the choir, special music, and offertories.) The license also covers making customized arrangements for congregational use when no published version is available.

Songs are to be copied for the purpose of assisting in congregational worship, not for other purposes.

The license does not cover photocopies of choir music or arrangement music – you are expected to buy enough copies for the whole choir.

You cannot share or distribute copies with other churches or ministries; this license is intended for your own church needs.

Blanket Song licenses are available from:

  • emPower Music Rights– New Thought song licensing… includes artists such as: Richard Mekdeci,Karen Taylor-Good, Jana Stanfield, Lytingale, David Roth,  Karen Drucker, David Ault, Sue Riley, Armand, Coco Ramos… and many more. Unity composers are joining every day! Check out their extensive catalog and samples! Fees from $100/year, based on size. Average attendance of 100-199 = $150/yr.
  • Church Copyright License– covers 200,000 mainstream, religious worship songs.  Fees from $50/year, based on size. Average attendance of 100-199 = $175/yr.

Once you are a member, you will fill out a simple form online each month, listing what songs have been used that month.  This only takes a few minutes, and it ensures that you are in compliance with copyright laws and gives songwriters the compensation they are due for their intellectual property.

New Thought Music Websites:

  • Heart Wind Music  David Ezell, New Thought musician
  • “Growing Your Church Music Program” Written for all those who shape the music of your center.  This book has been used at Unity Institute in the ministerial training program. Book: $15 or PDF Download: $9.95 
  •  Sound of Agape  Ricki Byars Beckwith and the Agape International Choir.  GREAT New Thought solo and congregational music. “I Release & I Let Go,” “I Feel the Spirit,” “Pour Yourself in Me,” “I’m Choosing Heaven Today.”
  • Contact Judy Blackwelder in Unity of Music City, Nashville for choir music she has written. Comes with a CD.



Some choral directors use music from some of the mainstream church music publishers, such as Word Music, Brentwood Publishers, Integrity Music, Allegis, Lillenas, Hope, Alfred.

If you know the publisher of a song, you can contact that publisher directly to order the music. (By the way, most choir songs purchased in this way also have an accompaniment CD or tape available for around $15-20. This is VERY handy if your accompanist can’t handle this type of music or isn’t available for choir practice. Sometimes it’s nice to use those CDs regardless, as they are fully orchestrated and sound quite majestic, especially for special occasions like Easter.)

Choral music distributors include:

It’s good to develop a relationship with one or more of these companies and set up an account. Pepper will even send you music on a preview basis … you don’t have to pay for it till you look at it, and if you don’t want it, you just pay to send it back. These companies are mostly very mainstream religious. You will need to sort through the music they offer to find things that will work, and perhaps change a word or two.

Legally, you should buy all the copies of the music you need, and don’t photocopy!

Your church must pay for a song license to have the legal right to use these songs (so the composers get their royalties).  It’s important to understand that the license does not cover photocopies of choir music or arrangement music.

Music Publishers: Chris & Carol Beatty offer vocal workshops & private coaching sessions. Sign up to receive monthly e-mail vocal tips.

– written by Lytingale. All links tested June 2016