UMMAS Minister Gatherings

UMMAS organizes 3 annual Gatherings for ministers and their partners-in-ministry for personal and professional support, fellowship, networking and planning our events. (first weeks of February and May, and at Kanuga in September). Locations in February and May rotate throughout the subregion. 

Our next gathering is prior to the Kanuga retreat, at Kanuga on Monday, September 23, 2019.

These gatherings are a coveted time of fellowship for our ministers and their partners. We take time to give each other a valuable gift for ministers: to be heard with open hearts, to listen exquisitely, and to allow others to “be heard.”

We eat well and laugh much together, take walks, sit in the sun, and enjoy each other’s company. We birth ideas for our July and September events and get excited together about the envisioned programs. February and May Gatherings are a 2-day event and could run into Wednesday morning, if necessary. The September Gathering is on Monday and Tuesday before the rest of the Kanuga retreat-ants arrive. This “time apart for a while” is worth every moment each time, as we restate our support for each other and our ministries.

If you are new to the region and would like to join our circle, please contact the webmaster, Rev Pat Veenema, who will be happy to talk with you about