Fall Retreat at Kanuga

Rise up ~ Welcome to the Evolution!

September 25-28, 2018

“The time is ripe for the advent of a new race, the advent of the spiritualized human. We have within us innate spiritual capacities that stretch back through infinity.”  -Charles Fillmore

Keynote Speaker: Rev Margaret Hiller, Unity of Myrtle Beach SC

Keynote Musician: Rev. Christy Snow returning for a second year! 

What if …… we are witnessing and participating in our own evolution – the ever unfolding, ever expanding, ever awakening consciousness of humankind? 

What if ……. on some level we chose to be here at this time amidst all that is happening on the planet with the purpose of helping and assisting each other in the Revelation – the revealing of what Unity calls Christ Consciousness.

What if ……. we have everything we need and require to ‘rise up and show up’ and ‘Be the Christ/the Buddha/the Divine Mother/the Presence of Healing/the Presence of Love’……. no matter what’s going on in the world around us?  

Since the future is yet to be created and creation is an inside job, our Calling is to speak, imagine, respond, act, live from the ‘Heart’ – rather than from fear-based thoughts and actions.  This is Metanoia – the revelation that WE ARE the Light of the World.

Our retreat open to everyone, from any region of the country. Often a church group will come to the retreat together, to build community within their center and among the region.

Ministers arrive on Monday to prepare for your arrival on Tuesday. Ministers’s “heart-check begins at 2pm Monday.

Location: Kanuga Conference Center: 130 Kanuga Chapel Road, Hendersonville, NC 28739   

This is not a conference. There are no business meetings! Just lots of fellowship, laughter, music, learning, and fun!  … And Kanuga’s beautiful natural surroundings, wide shady porch with rocking chairs, cool breezes coming up from the lake….  an uplifting, educational, musical, memorable, laid-back, fun gathering of Unity friends from the southeast and beyond.

Blue Ridge mountain Kanuga Conference Center recently renovated 62-room Inn and historic cabins in the woods. Plan to join us in beautiful Hendersonville, North Carolina, for a wonderful time to explore spiritual teachings, relax and center yourself amidst the mountain splendor, and enjoy playtime with fellow seekers!  


The daily schedule is packed with interaction and activity. Of course, you can chose just how much you want to plug in to. There’s plenty of open, quiet space for you to chill and commune with nature connect with old and new friends, take a nap, or drive into town to enjoy the quaint hospitality of Hendersonville and Flat Rock.

Start the day with a Morning Meditation guided by an UMMAS minister in the beautiful Chapel …   _1808847_origOr  wake up your body with gentle, healing Tai Chi on the pavilion overlooking the lake… mist rising… birds singing as the sun peeks over the pine trees reflected in the tranquil waters… ah…

Enjoy a wide variety of workshops offered by ministers from the Unity Ministers of the Mid-Atlantic States (UMMAS), as well as inspiring sessions with our keynote speaker 

Inspiring, original music will fill the air and your hearts… including…our very own Unity musicians and our fabulous “Spirit Sharing” Talent Show, and our second annual Retreat Choir

_6477502_origStretch your body…. take a hike, walk the labyrinth, play tennis, or visit the waterfront.

Paint on our community canvas, to record your impressions of the retreat.

Children are welcome, but we do not currently provide a children’s program.

Still your mind with Vespers in the quiet beauty of the Chapel… then drift off to dreamland in cool mountain air… or visit and laugh with your new friends.

Massages & Bodywork by local professionals will be available for a separate love offering that you give to the body-worker. Please indicate on your registration form that you plan to treat yourself to bodywork, so we can plan times and availability.

 Attn Ministers and LUT’s:  UWM no longer accepts Kanuga retreat hours toward Continuing Education Credit.

Download 2018 Kanuga Registration Form