2019 Keynote Musician

Rickie Byars

Amazing, inspiring New Thought singer-songwriter


Rickie’s music is foot-tapping contagious. Even the most non-physical music listener will want to tap, stomp, dance and sing along with Rickie’s magnetic tunes.

Rickie Byars’ “Time to Fly gave us our theme for this year’s retreat

Watch a few of our favorites from Rickie Byars

“In the Land of I Am” 

“Use Me”

“The Spirit of God is upon Me”

“I Release and I Let Go”


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Rickie Byars is one of the most acclaimed and beloved singer-songwriters there is in the genre of inspirational/New Thought music. Through her three-decade career as both a solo artist and as founder /director of the world-renowned Agape International Choir, Byars’ deeply soulful and heartfelt songs of spiritual renewal, uplift and empowerment have struck a powerful chord with audiences around the globe and she has built an impressive international following. Indeed, the vibrations of “realness” in her music are so strong that they resonate with everyone from residents of L.A.’s SkidRow to South Africa’s Archbishop Desmond Tutu and His Holiness the Dalai Lama, all of whom she has had the honor of performing for, the latter on five different occasions.

Byars’ charismatic joy and authenticity on stage ensure that she is in high demand to appear in concert and perform at festivals and conferences.

Several of her songs, “I Release”, “We Let it Be”, “The Spirit of God is Upon Me” and “Wholly Holy Way” are considered to be modern classics of inspirational/New Thought music.

Byars has released nine CDs as a solo artist: “ I Found a Deeper Love” (1993); “In the Land of I Am” (2000), “Soul Fulfilling” (2002),“From Within” (2003), “Pray For Me” (2004), “Supreme Inspiration”(2007), “The Love Project” (2009), “Let My Soul Surrender”, which was accompanied by a book of autobiographical stories written by Byars (2011), and “My Oh My It’s Time To Fly” (2018).