2018 Keynote Musician

Rev Christy Snow is returning in 2018 !  

Rev Christy Snow Videos:

Video from Kanuga 2017: “Sacred Activism”

Video from Kanuga 2017: “Wearing a Mala”


Christy Snow is a dynamic, fun, contemplative herald of New Thought and living an authentic life.

We are so excited to have Rev Christy return for a second year! She brought us wonderful dance-along, sing-along and pray-along music last year.

Christy’s first book, Living In Solution: A journey of awareness, acceptance and authenticity assists the reader in embracing a life of freedom to be authentic, accepting and aware of our divinity and purpose.  She explains that our thoughts create our beliefs, our beliefs create our experiences, our experiences are our lives. Releasing old, often inherited thoughts, and learning to live consciously brings us to a point of living a life of choice fueled by passion and directed by purpose.

Christy has been performing across the US and Canada since 1989 and has released 11 CD’s.   Her music ranges from soft, devotional (“I Surrender”) to inspirational and challenging (“Free to Be”) to funky dancing and clapping celebrations (“I Am”)  

Listen to Christy’s “Free To Be” CD

 “Christy is a dynamic singer, speaker and teacher. She takes you on a journey of self-exploration through her music, her talks and her classes. She is evocative in her teaching, encouraging individual exploration of beliefs. …”  ~ Lane M, Charlotte, NC