2018 Keynote Speaker

Rev Margaret Hiller

“Rise Up~Welcome to the Evolution”


“The time is ripe for the advent of a new race, the advent of the spiritualized human. We have within us innate spiritual capacities that stretch back through infinity.”  -Charles Fillmore

“What if …… we are witnessing and participating in our own evolution – the ever unfolding, ever expanding, ever awakening consciousness of humankind? 

What if ……. on some level we chose to be here at this time amidst all that is happening on the planet with the purpose of helping and assisting each other in the Revelation – the revealing of what Unity calls Christ Consciousness.

What if ……. we have everything we need and require to ‘rise up and show up’ and ‘Be the Christ/the Buddha/the Divine Mother/the Presence of Healing/the Presence of Love’……. no matter what’s going on in the world around us?  

Since the future is yet to be created and creation is an inside job, our Calling is to speak, imagine, respond, act, live from the ‘Heart’ – rather than from fear-based thoughts and actions.  This is Metanoia – the revelation that WE ARE the Light of the World. – Margaret Hiller

Rev Margaret Hiller  

Video: “Sit Where Love is”

Video: “The Sifter”

Rev. Margaret Hiller, Spiritual Leader of Unity Myrtle Beach since 2005, and formerly our Kanuga Retreat ‘Cruise Director’, has turned over her clipboard and is delighted to return this year as Keynote Speaker with the theme for our times: “Rise Up – Welcome to the Evolution”.  

 Margaret was raised around many flavors of the Pentecostal churches and Southern Baptists.  She was ordained in the Charismatic faith, studied other world religions, mysticism, metaphysics and has a master’s degree in Psychology and is a Licensed Unity Teacher.  She has traveled extensively in healing ministry throughout the U.S. and other countries.  With her unique speaking and teaching style, which includes great story telling, a lively sense of humor and compassionate heart connection, she has inspired Unity Churches, Centers for Spiritual Living, New Thought & Healing conferences, and university groups since 1981.    

            Together with four ministry colleagues, she co-founded and facilitated Eagles Landing, a spiritual teaching and residential healing center in North Florida.  For eight years people gathered from many parts of the world and different faiths, along with researchers and those seeking healing, and participated in many amazing healings and miracles that were reported on a regular basis.  

            Margaret was part of the Soviet-American Diplomats for Peace, a group of emissaries who journeyed to the Soviet Union to meet, interact and dialog with Russian healers, spiritual teachers, medical professionals and others researching healing. While living in Santa Barbara, Calif., Margaret created the successful lecture series co-sponsored by Santa Barbara City College and Cottage Hospital, entitled “Spirituality and Healing in Medicine” based on the Harvard Medical School Mind/Body Institute research. 

            Margaret and David Hiller were married in 1992 and traveled together in full time ministry until 2005 presenting their work mainly in Unity churches.  They were speakers for 7 consecutive years at the Asilomar Unity Conference in Pacific Grove, Calif., and keynote speakers at Unity Village for a week-long conference, “Dare to Dream – Healing Fears, Creating Miracles and Living Your Dreams”, the same title as their co-authored book.  

            She practices Vipassana meditation, deep listening, and has engaged with her sense of intuition, dreams and visions since childhood.  Margaret is a firm believer in the resilience of Humanity and in our species’ capacity to transform harmful generational patterns, to live in awakened consciousness, and to keep Rising Up to our evolutionary Call to Be the Light.