We are UMMAS


UMMAS: Unity Ministers of the Mid-Atlantic States

…an inclusive, laid-back community of joyful participants on the spiritual journey 

…a support and self-care network of Unity Ministers/Spiritual Leaders and their partners or spouses in NC, SC, GA, TN, AL and beyond.

..…a sub-region of the Southeast Unity region.

…..a non-profit corporation, which understands the flow of giving and receiving. When you are spiritually fed by UMMAS, or when your minister gets to go on retreat with these wonderful souls, you are spiritually fed by UMMAS. Our treasurer joyfully receives tax-deductible donations from individuals and organizations.  Give your tithe to any active UMMAS minister or mail directly to the UMMAS 

UMMAS Activity

… organizes 3 annual Gatherings for ministers and their partners-in-ministry for personal and profession support, fellowship, networking and planning our events. (first weeks of February and May, and at Kanuga in September)

… facilitates email communication among UMMAS members. 

…sponsors a 4-day Annual Mountain Retreat for laypeople and ministers from the southeast and beyond, held in September in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains.

…holds a 2-day Leadership Training & Networking session for Board members, ministers, and other Unity leaders in service to Unity centers, usually in mid-July.

…tithes 10% of all income to organizations and individuals.

…funds Grants & Scholarships for Unity SEE scholarships


The bylaws state in Section 3.01 Qualifications

Any Unity minister and Unity spiritual leader and their partner in Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee or Georgia shall qualify for membership through their agreement to attend UMMAS functions and to support UMMAS activities as they are able.

A Unity minister and Unity spiritual leader and partner from other states can apply for membership by letter submitted to President after they attend two meetings in a 12-month period and support the group financially during that period. Qualifying applicants are accepted into UMMAS membership by the executive team

Membership in UMMAS is maintained by the member’s participation in at least one regularly scheduled UMMAS minister gathering per year and yearly financial support of UMMAS by the minister or through his/her ministry.

Whenever UMMAS supports you or your minister, it  is what we call “feeding you spiritually.” UMMAS is a non-profit, with tax-deductible status.